Our Principles

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We specialize in assisting businesses at every stage of growth get capital, specializing in debt. This is our core value and our DNA. Though our services are customized, multi-faceted, and diverse, we focus exclusively on Access to Capital, from start to finish. How do we accomplish this?

We work individually with clients to address specific challenges.

We begin from one premise: you are poised for growth and need capital to do it. We thoroughly assess your company position, financials, and performance in order to identify strengths and opportunities. If you’ve been declined for capital before, we pinpoint problem areas. We focus on developing a clear picture of your past and present to determine your future growth strategy.

We know what financial institutions want and how they want it.

We work with banks, credit unions, microlenders, and community development funds to create a lasting partnership. Some financial institutions only work with certain industries, others specialize in a particular business size, while others like certain types of loan. Some are aggressively developing their SBA portfolios and others are looking for a strong community impact. Because we have a solid network, we know how to match a loan to a lender and what it takes to make it a successful implementation.

Why do we offer Access to Capital services?

Our model is first-to-market for small- and medium-sized businesses. Currently, small business owners are split between the competing demands of funders and fiscal agents. Funders (such as banks, credit unions, and microlenders) have specific cash flow requirements in order to lend capital. On the other hand, fiscal agents (such as CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers) only seek to minimize tax liabilities. This leads to tax returns that focus on losses and deductions, failing to support your application for capital. Finally, technical assistance providers currently help business owners in developing plans to reconcile the two demands, but do not offer the follow-through required to operationalize these new processes.

List Ventures is focused on developing and maintaining workflows that keep businesses on the path to access capital, providing the necessary support services to ensure responsible, managed growth and optimum returns on investment. Our services are data-backed, metrics-driven, and designed to bolster your firm’s infrastructure through a series of proprietary tools.