Juan Sebastian De Vivo

Sebastian’s interests center on social impact and economic development. He is particularly focused on implementing models that generate measurable returns and cut through the for-profit/non-profit  and private/public dichotomies. He has fifteen years of experience in economic development, generating $29.5M in public funding for a variety of programs, including business development, workforce development, youth opportunities, and Veterans assistance. In 2015, he received a commendation from Mayor Eric Garcetti for his work in business development and advocacy for Veterans. He has also collaborated with the Mayor’s Office for Economic Development to promote entrepreneurship among underserved populations throughout LA. Sebastian participated in the 2015 Executive Program on Social Entrepreneurship at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sebastian received his PhD in Classics from Stanford University, an MA in Cultural & Social Anthropology from Stanford University, and a BA magna cum laude in Liberal Studies from California State University, Los Angeles. His academic work has been published by Palgrave McMillan and the Stanford Archaeology Center. In addition, he has been awarded fellowships by the Getty Foundation, Getty Research Institute and New York University.

Daniel C. Johnson

Dan specializes in strategic planning and organizational design through effective management of financial and human capital. He is focused on all aspects of operational efficiencies, including operational management, team building, procurement, supply chain management, cost structures, and benchmarking. In addition, Dan has over ten years of experience in the real estate and energy sectors, specializing in pro forma analysis of investment properties and prospective development wells for the sale and lease of oil and gas assets. Dan is passionate about small business development, founding workinnLA in San Pedro to incubate local firms serving the surrounding Port of LA community. Prior to LIST Ventures, Dan was engaged in grant writing and the management of multiple programs in economic and workforce development, leveraging public funding to develop private-public partnerships focused on small business growth through business consultation and apprenticeship. Awarding agencies include the federal Department of Labor, the State of California, and the City and County of Los Angeles.

Dan is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he combined his passion for entrepreneurship and social impact by receiving a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Business & Justice Studies. He serves on the Review Committee of the Crail Johnson Foundation, whose mission is to promote the wellbeing of children in need through human and financial resources. He also participated in the development of OpenTech LA, an initiative funded by the US Department of Labor to develop pathways for at-risk youth into careers in tech through apprenticeship.

Melvin E. Rubio

Mel’s focus is growth capital across industry verticals. He specializes in debt financing for SME’s, implementing strategic plans to leverage debt for measured growth. He has extensive experience with loans from $50,000 to $15M+, developing trajectories to take companies from ‘survival’ mode to profitable, growing enterprises. Prior to founding LIST Ventures, Mel was a Business Consultant under a City of LA contract targeted at underserved entrepreneurs, looking at all aspects of operations and management. These included financial reporting, tax planning, IRS and FTB issues, capitalization, and other barriers to growth. Throughout his career, he has worked with firms in manufacturing, wholesaling, retail, entertainment, and organic food production, among others. He is bilingual English/Spanish, with additional business consulting experience in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and Argentina.

Mel is a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles. He received a BA with honors in Business Management, Marketing Management & Research. He is currently a participant in the Latino Business Action Network at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He also leads the Future Entrepreneurs in LA (FENLA) program with the City of Los Angeles and volunteers as a soccer coach for at-risk youth in East Los Angeles.